Pacific NW Section Officer Duties

Duties (from Section Leadership Manual) may include the following:


  • Holds a pre-season Board of Directors Meeting to establish Section Year objectives and general meeting schedule.
  • Prepares and issues each board meeting agenda prior to each regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Presides over regular Board meetings and Section meetings.
  • Assigns committee chairmanships.
  • Ensures that all officers and committee chairs are aware of their responsibilities and are accountable for carrying out their duties.
  • Promotes and encourages participation in ASNT National Awards Programs by helping the Awards Committee Chair find qualified candidates for the various national award categories.


  • In the absence of the Chair, presides over Board and Section meetings.
  • In the absence of the Secretary, performs the Secretary duties at Board and Section meetings.
  • Arranges the Section Meeting Venue(s).
  • Procures the Speaker’s gifts as budgeted and decided by the BOD.
  • Solicits and arranges for speakers at each regular Section Meeting, asking them for a biography introduction.
  • Introduces each Speaker at each meeting, and presents the Speaker’s Gift at the end of their presentation.
  • Supports the organization of special educational or social events throughout the Section Year.


  • In the absence of Chairman and Vice-Chairman, presides over regular Board and Section meetings and performs, or delegates the performance of, the Speaker introduction and gift presentation.
  • Sends out meeting announcements, via the MyASNT email application, to the local membership at least one week prior to each meeting.
  • To each meeting of the BOD, is responsible to bring, the Attendee sign-in book, the Level III points attendance sign-off sheets, at least (12) copies of the past meeting minutes and of the current meeting agenda (provided by the Chair), as well as any other documents which are relevant to the pre-established agenda.
  • Records detailed BOD meeting minutes for review and approval at each subsequent meeting.
  • Maintains section records and photos on the Section’s hosted storage site where the BOD will have ready access.
  • At each techncial meeting, takes pictures, or delegates the taking of pictures, of the Speaker giving his/her presentation, and the presentation of the Speaker’s Gift by the Section Vice Chair, or delegate.
  • Is responsible for the meeting summary paragraph and two photos (per above) to be issued by the President’s Points and Communications and Promotions Committee Chairs for issuing to the ISC and for posting on the Section Website.
  • Is responsible to see that the various required Section reports are issued to the ISC such as, the names of newly elected officers and general Section Year program.
  • Supports the membership submittals for awards such as, ASNT Fellow Awards, Technician of the Year, Mentoring Award, Meritorious Service Awards, etc


  • In the absence of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary, presides over the regular Board and Section meeting, and fulfills, or delegates, the Vice Chair and Secretary Duties.
  • Accounts for all Section Assets such as, the Section banner(s), computer projector and screen, laptop computer, digital camera, speaker’s gifts, and any miscellaneous items purchased in support of events.
  • Maintains and reports on the Section bank accounts, scholoarship, and event related, financial records for the Section.
  • Prepares the annual Section financial statement reconciling all income and expenditures for the Section year, and the annual section budget for submittal to the ISC.
  • Maintains Washington State Non-Profit Business License requirements and any required Federal & State tax filings for the Section as a Non-Profit entity.

Board of Directors

The section board of directors determines the section’s operating policy and annual program. The members of the board include the immediate past chair, the chair (who presides over all meetings), vice chair, treasurer, secretary, and directors elected from the members at large. Our directors help establish the operations, suggest for possible vote new programs or revision to existing operations. We generally have a board meeting immediately prior to section meetings. Additional meetings of the board may be called by the section Chair. A student director is should act as the liaison between students, school, and the local section. If deemed appropriate by the local section board, issues brought forward may be escalated to the parent organization ASNT International Service Center.The responsibilities of the board of directors include:
Standing Committees
There are three (3) standing committees that seem to be needed to operate a successful section: Program, Membership and Education.