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Education and Career Development

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Webinars - Filled with dynamic educational content and presented by renowned speakers from all over the world, our webinars are designed to facilitate and support workplace and career success in the field of nondestructive testing.


Videos - Access selected video recordings from ASNT conferences and other events including technical presentations and exhibitor presentations and demonstrations. Industry topics included composites, NDE 4.0, aerospace, chemical and petroleum, structural health monitoring, ultrasonics, railroads, infrastructure, maritime, and more.
On-Demand - On-demand videos are a great way to catch up with ASNT webinars and other types of informative online sessions or view ones that you already attended. Topics cover a wide range of NDT topics, methods, and industries, presented by knowledgeable and respected subject matter experts in their respective fields. Feel free to start or add to a sharable group discussion of each topic.
E-Courses - Improve your NDT knowledge and advance your professional skills with courses based on seminars presented by subject matter experts at ASNT conferences. NDT online courses are a great way to brush up on NDT methods and techniques while learning something new at the same time. Each course takes the learner through a series of "micro-learning" modules entailing video instruction, interactive activities, knowledge checks, and quizzes.

The beauty of NDT as a career, is that it allows you to be engaged in multiple industries ensuring that there is never a shortage of demand for our skills. Here in the Great Pacific Northwest, we have a wide diversity of industries to work in such as Aerospace, Biotech, Energy, Manufacturing, and the Military. But even with all of this diversity, the NDT profession remains a close knit community. We either know each other well, or are only one contact away from someone that might have the knowledge or connections we seek. So one of the most importnant aspects of the PNW Section's mission is to provide the networking opportunities and support needed to enhance our respective careers. It is also important for employers to support their employees ongoing investment in professional self improvement as everyone benefits when we work to keep our profession credible and well respected.

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CPTC's Running Start (RS) Program is a great opportunity for high school junior or senior students to get a head start on their career while saving significant cost. Although responsible for books and lab expenses, the tuition is free for students while still attending high school.

As first year RS student Cheyenne Yazzie put it, "The reason I entered the program was to begin my college education early so that I can start working on my career much sooner after high school. The CPTC RS program offered me a great chance to learn the technical skills I'll need, but earlier in life, so that I can help out my family and set myself up for a great future. When I first learned about the program, I knew I wanted to do something technical and hands-on, I just didn't know exactly what field of study I should go into. Then my mom introduced me to Chuck Musson, an NDT instructor at CPTC and Education Chair for the local ASNT Section. Mr. Musson told me about NDT as a career path, and right away I felt NDT would be a perfect fit for me. I liked it because it saves lives, it's important and challenging work, and it's in high demand, but most people don't even know it exists. To say it simply, the CPTC Running Start program has given me the opportunity to learn so much more than I could have in high school to prepare me for a career, while at the same time helping me afford the college classes I'll need to succeed. Running start is turning out to be an amazing opportunity for me, I'm so happy that I applied."

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Other local institutes offering NDT associated programs
SkagitValley CollegeComposites Technology program
Edmonds CollegeEngineering Tecnology, Composites programs

David Hall NDT Scholarship Award

Scholarship Founder

Dave Hall - ASNT Fellow EMAIL:
Every year the Pacific NW Section awards scholarships and two year ASNT Student memberships, to selected NDT Students enrolled in Community, Techncial, or University level colleges located in Washington State. Qualified Students are given the opportunity to submit an essay on one of the provided topics. A committee is formed of local Section members who review the essays and then select the winners by consensus. The program is designed to help students with their educational costs and to get them involved with ASNT, and their local Section, early in their careers. Specifically to start or further the recipient’s NDT career.

Submission Deadline

The essay must be submitted to the current Scholarship Chair, or any Board of Directors member (Go to "Contact Page" for names and email addresses), by April 1.

[Click Here for a Print Copy of Scholarship Instructions/Guidelines]


Click on recepient for letter of award
  • 2022 Cora McMahill of Clover Park Technical College,in Lakewood, WA.
  • 2022 Jim Harris of Linn Benton Community College in Albany, OR.
  • 2021 None awarded
  • 2020 Adrienne Rosenthal of Clover Park Technical College
  • 2020 Tyler Young of Clover Park Technical College
  • 2019 None awarded
  • 2018 Christina Beebe of Clover Park Technical College
  • 2018 Ryan Parrott of Clover Park Technical College
  • 2017 Matthew Davis of Clover Park Technical College
  • 2017 Deena Kaperson of Clover Park Technical College
  • 2016 Davis Tran of University of Washington
  • 2016 Matthew Davis of Clover Park Technical College
  • 2015 Lakai Fairbanks of Clover Park Technical College
  • 2014 Scott Marczynski of Clover Park Technical College
  • 2013 Chuck Hegsted of Clover Park Technical College
  • 2012 Randall Frankenbery of Clover Park Technical College
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