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PNW Section Member Awards 2021

Advancement of Active Military and Veterans in NDT Recognition

The 2021 award went to Megan Davey of the Pacific Nortwest section and Clover Park Technical College.
The Advancement of Active Military and Veterans in NDT Recognition is presented to an ASNT member who encourages Active Military and Veterans to enter and thrive in the field of NDT. The recognition is earned either through the creation and implementation of educational and career advancement programs or by leading by example to show Active Military and Veterans that they can have a career in NDT and significantly contribute to NDT and ASNT and to creating a safer world. In 2021 the award was to Megan Davey of the Pacific Northwest section.
Megan Davey is currently a tenure track NDT instructor at Clover Park Technical College (CPTC) where she teaches radiography, eddy current, and ultrasound. She also serves on the ASNT Pacific NW Section Board of Director as the Educational Chair and the David Hall Student Scholarship Chair. During her time at CPTC, she has revamped the RT program to include digital x-ray and phased array will soon be included in the program. She is making connections across Washington State to ensure that employers know that when they hire CPTC graduates, they will receive the best trained NDT personnel.
Megan served honorably in the United States Air Force (USAF) for 6 years until medically retired. While stationed abroad at the Royal Air Force base in Mildenhall, UK and at Holloman AFB in New Mexico, she gained valuable experience in all 5 NDT methods. She specialized on the F-22 Raptor program where she became the lead trainer. Megan then took a civilian position at Fort Lewis as the Responsible Level III for the pacific region of the company to include Hawaii, Guam, and South America. Megan was a sought- after expert for her NDT knowledge in military and non-military operations and this often required her to travel at a moment’s notice across the world. She identified deficiencies within the standard operating procedures and helped re-write comprehensive compliance programs. She implemented policies that reflected the SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410, and AS9100 standards to maintain integrity within the company. While working full time, she also attained a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Megan worked for 3 years in healthcare where she led quality rapid improvement programs and created multiple scheduling programs for doctors and nurses at Kaiser Permanente. However, she soon discovered that her true passion was still NDT and she decided to give back to the NDT community by teaching.

PNW Section Member Awards 2019

Charles N. Sherlock Meritorious Service Recognition

To provide recognition for an individual’s outstanding voluntary service to the Society, through single or aggregate activities, though not necessarily in any single year. Renamed in 2004 in honor of Charles N. Sherlock, the first recepient.

Flynn Spears (r) receives Charles N. Sherlock Award from David Mandina (l) ASNT Chairman of the Board

Flynn Spears with Charles N. Sherlock Award

ASNT Fellow Recognition

A Fellow of ASNT is an individual member of the Society who has demonstrated outstanding professional distinction and who has made continued significant contributions to the advancement of NDT in areas such as research and development, applications, teaching and/or management.

Tim Burkholder (l) receives Fellow Award from David Mandina (r) ASNT Chairman of the Board

Tim Burkholder

Mentoring Award

The mentoring Award was established to recognize those members in the Society working to encourage others to reach goals they may have otherwise not sought and to offer the rest of the membership an example of what they coud accomplish by acting as mentors

Dick Bossi (l) receives Mentoring Award from David Mandina (r) ASNT Chairman of the Board

Kathy Ferguson receives Mentoring Award from David Mandina (r) ASNT Chairman of the Board
2019 "Mentoring Award" to Kathy Ferguson

PNW Section Member Awards 2018

Kathy Ferguson with 2018 President's Points Gold Award and 2018 Women in NDT award

Kathy Ferguson accepts 2018 Women in NDT award from David Mandina ASNT Pres.

2018 "Advancement of Women in NDT" Award

Trey Gordon (r) accepts 2018 Fellow from David Mandian (c) along with Fellow J. Knowles (l)

Trey Gordon with 2018 Fellow award

During the 2017-2018 program year
5 Sections awarded 33 scholarships
totaling $20,600.
The Pacific Northwest awarded two $1,000.00 scholarships.

PNW Section Member Awards 2017

ASNT 50 Year Member Recognition

Thomas J. Davis (retired)- PACIFIC NORTHWEST SECTION
Roy ODell's daughters, Gay Wood and Brenda Puryear, accepted the 50 year membership award postumously for their Father Flynn with Gay and Brenda. Flynn proudly accepted the 7th concecutive President's Points Gold Award for the Pacific NW Section
Margaret and Dick Bossi. Dick was presented the Mehl Honor Lecturer Award which is presented to those who have made outstanding contributions to Science in NDT. The award is named in honor of Dr. Robert F. Mehl for his outstanding work with Radium in the field of Gamma Radiography.

PNW Section Member Awards 2016

Click on the image to see award presentations to some of our own Pacific NW Section members

Pacific Northwest Section Awards

Pacific NorthWest Section Achieves Gold Award for twelveth (12th) consecutive year.
The Seal of Excellence was inaugerated in 2016.

2019-2020 Program Year

2020-2021 Program Year

2021-2022\Program Year

2016-2017 Program Year

2017-2018 Program Year

2018-2019 Program year

This display of awards is testament to the PNW Section monthly (and sometimes daily) commitment to the operations and management responsibilities, taken by your Board of Directors (BOD), to run the PNWS organization at the highest level. Your BOD welcomes you to join us in making our Section even more effective and valuable for our Membership. If you wish to participate in making our meetings and events fun and educational, please contact Flynn Spears,Membership Chairman.

For details on Section Award requirements click here

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2019-2020 Gold Pres award

2020-2021 President's Award First place tier: Gold Award trophy

Vice-Chair James Sieger accepts 2020-2021 Presidents Award First place tier: Gold Award trophy for 2020-2021 Chair Kathy Ferguson

2019-2020 Gold Pres award

2019-2020 President's Award First place tier: Gold Award trophy

2019-2020 Gold Pres award

2019-2020 President's Award from

2018-2019 President's Award First place tier: Gold Award trophy

2017-2018 President's Award First place tier: Gold Award trophy

2016-2017 President's Award First Place tier: Gold Award trophy

2015-2016 President's Award First Place tier: Gold Award trophy 13,480 points of 14,750

2014-2015 President's Award First place tier: Gold Award trophy 13,750 points of 14,750

2013-2014 President's Award First Place tier: Gold Award trophy 11,715 points of 14,750

2012-2013 President's Award First Place tier: Gold Award trophy 14,240 points out of 14,750

2011-2012 President's Award First Place tier: Gold Award trophy 14,360 points out of 14,750

2010-2011 President's Award First place tier: Gold Award trophy

2010-2011 President's Award Silver Award trophy: Second place tier: after appeal Gold was awarded

2004-2005 President's Award 5th Place tier Award trophy

2003-2004 President's Award 4th Place tier Award trophy 9,700 points of 12,500 possible

Left to right:

  • 1994-1995 Regional Award for Best Net Membership Increase Medallion
  • 1992-1993 Copper Level President's Award 4,000-6,249
  • 1992-1993 Most President's Points for Region 14
    1. (ASNT awarded President's points to a Region in 1992-1993, this award has
      since been discontinued)
  • 1992-1993 Best Percentage Increase in President's Points as Region 14
  • 1993-1994 Bronze Level President's Award 6,250-8,499 points
  • 1994-1995 President's Award Medallion

The Regions were re-numbered between 2000 and 2001 consequently what was Region 14 became Region 16 as we know it today. Region 18 (Germany) was added in 2001, Region 19 (United Arab Emirates) in 2002, Region 20 (Canada) added in June, 2015 and Region 21 (Shanghai, China) added in 2016. A complete list of regions and Regional Directors can be found here.

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