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Technical Meetings

Meetings have resumed. Meetings will be hybrid (virtual and simultaneously live thanks to Steve Brady, PhD.). If you wish you can attend a live presentation and network with others or attend virtually via Zoom from where ever you have internet access from your smart phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. Physical meetings, when allowed, will be held at various locations in the Puget Sound typically on the second Tuesday of the month. A reminder email will be sent out announcing the meeting or event location each month.

Other NDE/NDT/NDI Related Local Societies

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NOTE: Be sure to check the calendar below often and refresh this browser page as there can be last minute changes.

ASNT Virtual Section Meetings
Speaker: Josh de Monbrun

Topic: Advantages and Limitations of TFM (Total Focusing Method)
Speaker: Emilie Peloquin, Director for Global Advanced Product Support for Olympus
Date: Wednesday October 12, 2022
Time: 3:00 p.m. -4:00 p.m.ET
Synopsis of presentation: FEmilie Peloquin has been in the welding/NDT industry since 2009. She holds a Degree in Applied Science and is trained in accordance to SNT TC 1a on VT, PT, MT, RT, ET and UT. Emilie joined Olympus 9 years ago and has held positions ranging from technical support to product management, focusing on ultrasonic, phased array, total focusing method and other advanced inspection technologies. As the Director for Global Advanced Product Support, she’s involved in business and product development, supporting a variety of applications across numerous industries. Speaker: Josh de Monbrun, CEng
Description of presentation.

In order to view ISC webinars please affliate with ISC virtual meetings (does not effect affiliation with Pacific Northwest section meetings) by clicking here. ISC virtual meetings are held once a quarter in addition to program year monthly section meetings.

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Pacific Northwest Meetings and Events Schedule

Hybrid (simultaneous virtual and in-person) meetings have resumed. NOTE NEW TIMES & MEETINGS ON 2nd Tuesday of each Month Sept. through May.
(To automatically add meeting date to your desktop calendar, click on the calendar icon under each date) Silver or grey cells indicate past meetings

Aug 21, 2021
2020-09-20 18:00:00 2020-09-20 19:00:00 America/Vancouver PNW ASNT Section Meeting Planning Meeting Virtual-Webex Pacific NW Section
1pm Planning Meeting BOD Trey Gordon's residence
Sept 14, 2021
2021-09-14 18:00:00 2021-09-14 20:30:00 America/Vancouver ASNT PNW Section Meeting Technical Meeting Virtual via Zoom PNWS BOD
5:30p BOD
6:00p Social
6:30p Pres.
Networking after
New Computed Tomography and Digital Radiography Standards in ASTM E07.01 Sub-Committee Dr. Trey Gordon, Ph.D.
of SpaceX
Zoom Virtual
see invite for link
Oct 12, 2021
2020-10-12 18:30:00 2020-10-12 19:30 America/Vancouver ASNT PNW Section Meeting Technical Meeting Virtual via ZOOM PNWS BOD
5:30p BOD
6:30p Meeting
7:10-7:30 Networking
Qualification / Certification Programs James Sieger of Valence Surface Technologies, LLC. Virtual
Nov 9, 2021
2020-11-10 18:30:00 2020-11-10 19:30:00 America/Vancouver ASNT PNW Section Meeting Technical Meeting Hybrid - Virtual w/ZOOM PNWS BOD
5:30p BOD
6:30p Meeting
7:10-7:30 Networking
What I Learned Working for a Penetrant Manufacturer Peter Pelayo of Met-l-Chek Hybrid:
Billy McHales
Federal Way
Nov 11-18, 2021
2021-11-15 08:00:00 2021-11-18 17:00:00 America/Vancouver ASNT ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2021 ASNT & PNWS BOD
8:00 a.m.
4:30 p.m.
ASNT 2021: Annual Fall Conference Call for Papers Phoenix, AZ
Happy Holidays. See you January 11, 2022 for HYBRID meetings to resume
Hybrid = In-person and simultaneously streamed via Zoom
Jan. 11, 2022
2021-01-11 18:30:00 2021-01-11 19:30:00 America/Vancouver ASNT PNW Section Meeting Technical Meeting Virtual w/ZOOM PNWS BOD
5:30p BOD
6:30p Meeting
7:10-7:30 Networking
Aerospace Critical to NDT/Quality Noah Fredette of Comet USA Virtual
Feb. 15, 2022
2021-02-08 18:30:00 2021-02-08 19:30:00 America/Vancouver ASNT PNW Section Meeting Technical Meeting Virtual via ZOOM PNWS BOD
5:30p BOD
6:30p Meeting
7:10-7:30 Networking
Laser Shearography Flynn Spears of Alban NDE Virtual
Mar 08, 2022
2021-03-08 18:30 pm 2020-03-08 19:30 pm America/Vancouver ASNT PNW Section Event PNWS Technical Meeting Virtual w/ZOOM PNWS BOD
5:30p BOD
6:30p Meeting
7:10-7:30 Networking
Meeting canceled for Pizza on 03/19/2022
Mar 19, 2022
2021-03-19 13:00 pm 2020-03-19 21:00 pm America/Vancouver ASNT PNW Section Pizza Event Pizza Social Katie Downs, Tacoma ASNTPNWS
1 pm PIZZA
Social & Networking
Social & Networking

One sigificant other per member

Katie Downs
3211 Ruston Way
Tacoma, WA 98402
Apr 12, 2022
2022-04-12 18:30:00 2022-04-12 19:30:00 America/Vancouver ASNT PNW Section Meeting Technical Meeting Zoom PNWS BOD
5:30p BOD
6:30p Meeting
7:10-7:30 Networking
Safety Critical Insp. in Aerospace Quality using X-ray and CT
Nomination for 2022-2023 Officers & BOD
Matt Gormley of PXS Inc. (Pinnacle X-Ray Solutions) Hybrid -
In-person &
Link to be sent via email notice
Grazie Ristorante – Canyon Park,
23207 Bothell-Everett Hwy,
Bothell, WA 98021,
Tel: 425-402-9600
May 10, 2022
2021-05-10 18:30:00 2021-05-10 19:30:00 America/Vancouver ASNT PNW Section Meeting Technical Meeting Virtual PNWS BOD
5:30p BOD
6:30p Meeting
7:10-7:30 Networking
Computed Radiography
and Election of 2022-2023 Officers & BOD
TBD of TBD Virtual
2021-2022 Program Year Meeting Summaries
Date: March 19, 2022
Speaker: Clover Park Technical College students, instructors and members of the Pacific Northwest Section of ASNT
Topic: Pizza and networking
Location: Katie Downs, 3211 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98402
Number of Participants: 27
This meeting was a lunch/social gathering for the section with a special invitation to the Clover Park Technical College (CPTC) NDT student and instructor group. Section members along with students and instructors from CPTC gathered in several groups to discuss the society’s mission, purpose, commitment, and goals. Additionally, the classes and studies of the students were discussed with NDT professionals and experiences were shared amongst the groups.

The Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Chair went around and introduced themselves to each group and extended an invitation to all to attend the next section’s meeting in April as well as encouraged them to review the possibilities and benefits of memberships as students to obtain the discounted rate.

According to Katie Downs the difference between deep dish pizza and 'regular' pizza is:

Deep dish pizza, or “Chicago-style” pizza, gets its name from the 2 to 3” deep pan that it’s baked in. Because of this baking style, deep dish pizza has tall crusts that get slightly fried from the oil in the pan. In a way, this makes Chicago-style pizza a lot more like a pie than a flatbread. Similarly, the toppings seem a bit more like fillings, since they “fill” the pizza rather than “top” it.

Some attendees enjoy the pizza event.

More attendees enjoy pizza, officer introductions & discssion of the future.

Date: February 15, 2022
Speaker: Mr. Flynn Spears - Alban NDE, CEO, Director of Sales
Topic: Airframe Eddy Current Testing, Meeting Challenges
Location: Virtual; Microsoft Teams
Number of Participants: 6
This presentation detailed a review of historical use and understanding of Eddy Current Testing methods on airframe and aerospace structures constructed of metals. From oscilloscope, meter, and phase plane display instruments the use of the Eddy Current test method has met the challenges of the aerospace industry. As this industry evolves the use of other materials now adds to the test and detection challenges of not only Eddy Current but also the other well-known NDT methods used.
These challenges remain the same with the introduction of thicker, larger, more complex geometric structures and newer configured engine blades now made from composites, for example. This presentation introduces some examples of applications and the eddy current solutions provided with off the shelf equipment and imaging software that addresses some of the industries challenges.

Date: January 11, 2022
Speaker: Mr. Noah Fredette – Comet Technologies USA Inc.; Director of Marketing & Sales, IXM Americas
Topic: What Are X-rays: Overview
Location: Virtual; Microsoft Teams
Number of Participants: 12;
This presentation detailed a basic overview of the Radiography Testing method. The presentation started with an overview of how different wavelengths can pass through materials; whether opaque or not. The short wavelengths of x-rays and gamma rays can pass through matter and expose film or digital sources to produce an image. An overview was given of the contents of a standard x-ray tube and how they operate. Noah then presented different x-ray tubes used in the testing method to describe different characteristics.
The applications of the method were described. Such applications included medica / pharma / irradiation, electronics, inspection of batteries, aerospace and space components, automotive, oil and gas, security, food inspection, as well as other manufacturing applications. Focal spots and associated resolutions were given an overview including the science behind distance between x-ray tube and component, and distance between component and film. Resolution comparisons were reviewed to show the differences in image quality with different levels of watts used at specific kVs. Failure modes were also presented to show failures of tubes in operation to include filament failure and up to melting of the x-ray tube.

December: No meeting held due to holiday schedules.

Date: NOVEMBER 9, 2021
Speaker: Mr. Peter Pelayo – Met-L-Chek; Technical Sales Manager
Topic: What I learned in Penetrant Manufacturing
Location: Hybrid; Billy McHales Restaurant (Federal Way) for In-Person with Zoom Live Stream for Virtual
Number of Participants: 12; 8 in-person and 4 virtual
This presentation detailed the direct experience of speaker Peter Pelayo in the manufacturing of materials used in the penetrant inspection method. After gaining experience as an ASNT and NAS 410 NDT Level III in PT and MT, Peter took on the job of manufacturing penetrant inspection materials with Met-L-Chek, one of the main suppliers of penetrant materials. Peter shared how entering the world of materials manufacturing varied greatly from his experiences as a Responsible Level 3 in the aerospace industry.
Peter had to become proficient in the specifications which governed the requirements for materials to be used in various industries and their associated tests, such as penetrant brightness, water content, thermal stability, etc. Peter shared his experience in taking on a project in which he led the manufacturing of a batch of material which ultimately did not meet requirements and how humsummariesble it made him, learning to appreciate the processes necessary and required for each step required.
In his experience, Peter was able to uncover what he called a “serendipitous discovery” in which he learned just how sensitive his penetrant was. Without going into too much detail to protect proprietary information, Peter was able to disclose that Met-L-Chek’s penetrant material was able to detect discontinuities as small as at the micron level in size.

Date: OCTOBER 12, 2021
Speaker: Mr. James Sieger – Valence Surface Technologies; Responsible NDT Level 3
Topic: The Importance of a Solid Qualification and Certification Program
Location: Virtual; Zoom
Number of Participants: *Roy Goodall joined the meeting just after the screen shot was taken and was present for the entire presentation.
This presentation detailed the standards for an NDT Qualification and Certification program with emphasis on the requirements of NAS 410. James covered the basics of a compliant qualification and certification program based on his own experience within the aerospace industry and best practices as the Responsible NDT Level 3.

Starting with formal training and the preference that all formal training hours are true contact hours in the classroom rather than splitting between contact hours and self-study to increase student learning and retainment of knowledge. Experience and on-the-job training were covered and why the Level 3 of the method should be involved from the very beginning of the trainee’s objective to gather the required experience. Emphasis should be placed more on teaching and explanation of the general theory of how the method works rather than production.

Vision exams should also be administered early in the process to ensure money and time is not invested in personnel who may not be able to pass a vision exam. Written examinations (General and Specific) should contain more than the minimum number of required questions for two reasons. The first reason allows more knowledge of the testing candidate to be tested and better reveals that which the candidate understands and that which they do not. The second reason allows for the candidate to better chance at obtaining an acceptable passing score even if they answer more than a few questions incorrectly. Practical examinations may also include test parts which may not contain defects, so long as the minimum number of test pieces required by the applicable standard are met.

As a good check and balance, the qualifying authority and certifying are not the same person within the program that James maintains. The Quality department is delegated to help ensure proper records are maintained since James provides Responsible Level 3 services to seven facilities across the United States and additional Level 3 services to three other facilities. NDT operators are reviewed more than annually (the minimum requirement) for technical adequacy to ensure “bad inspector habits” are prevented from forming and/or persisting. Additional Level 3 personnel are delegated applicable tasks and responsibilities to help ensure each facility has adequate coverage and compliance is maintained.

Executing the training program the same way regardless of the facility and producing knowledgeable NDT personnel helps keep costs down, training efficient, and facilities productive and consistent.

An affiliate of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. (ASNT). Statements, other expressions of opinion or fact as well as legal obligations undertaken therein are solely those of the affiliate and not of ASNT.