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Message from the 2021-2022 Board of Directors

Dear PNW Section of ASNT Members:
This letter is coming to you from your board as we are excited to get going with a new year of section activity. We reached out to all of you a few months back for your input to the open board and officer positions and appreciate your feedback and your vote for the new positions.
This year we are looking forward to getting back to holding live meetings when and where we can along with introducing a “hybrid” approach. We will hold combined live and virtual meetings for those who cannot make it, and will continue to adhere to the social distancing protocols for gatherings and meetings. Be on the look out for when these will take place as we are also looking to hold some meetings in areas where we have not historically done so such as Bremerton for our colleagues at the shipyard and up north in Marysville and Bellingham for our refinery inspection brothers and sisters.
We are introducing at the November 2021 meeting a monthly raffle for a 1-year ASNT membership. You must be present at the meeting (in person or virtual) to win. We will also be raffling off a 3-year membership at the end of the year drawing from a list of attendees throughout the year. (Must also be present to win). We realize your time is important to you and we are planning to introduce some hopefully exciting new programs for your involvement. Also, as you look at this year’s meeting schedule, please do not hesitate to contact any one of your board members with suggestions or ideas you would like for us to consider and incorporate as we go along.
Remember this is your section and we are here to help all of us continue to remain informed and up to speed on what ASNT is all about.
This has been a very interesting year for all of us and we are looking forward to engaging with you all so continue to work and stay safe in your testing and management careers.
Best regards,
Your Pacific Northwest Section Board of Directors

An Important Note from
Our Membership Chair

Hello Fellow PNWS Members,

Well we are well into our sections 2020 year of meetings and limited activities. By now you have noticed that we are not holding live in-person meetings and have come to rely on holding them in the virtual format for the foreseeable future. One benefit of this is that most all our sister chapters are doing the same. This allows for any member to join in and take part to see and hear that sections presentation remotely.

For those of you who have renewed your membership this year you may have noticed a change to the membership structure of our society for corporations and their employees and, new members and it is as follows.

Legacy or former membership category:
1. Corporate Partner
2. Delegate (under Corporate Partner)

New membership category with one new addition:
New NDT Professional
[Available to individuals who are in early career stage, with 0-5 years in the NDT industry.}

The new corporate and delegate breakdown is as follows:
Group Membership Tier 1 (2-5 employees)
NDT Professional Member Tier 1
Group Membership Tier 2 (6-10 employees)
NDT Professional Member Tier 2
Group Membership Tier 3 (11-20 employees)
NDT Professional Member Tier 3
Group Membership Tier 4 (20+ employees)
NDT Professional Member Tier 4

Please see below ( a benefit table of member explanations that will help you understand and help promote membership not only to your fellow industry colleagues but also your management that will result in costs savings related to the level of membership applied.

We truly understand the constraints on your time and pocketbook but hope that as new and current members you look to your PNW Section as a valuable resource for information and guidance as you navigate your professional career.

Come in from time to time and take a look around to see if there is any new news for you in the form of presentations, pod casts, webinars, membership drives, or other not only from us but from ISC as well. If you have any questions you can also contact your section BOD (Board of Directors) for help or to put you in contact with others throughout our vast global landscape of NDT professionals.

Remember our mission:

“ASNT Exists to Create a Safer World by Advancing Scientific, Engineering, and Technical Knowledge in the Field of Nondestructive Testing”

Flynn Spears

PNWS Membership Chairperson 2017 - 2020

Our Pacific NW Membership

Below is a map showing where our members are located. Zoom for global/U.S./state view.

Click for VISION IN 2020 MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN Guidelines/Rules

As NDT Professionals we see the value and benefit of membership in ASNT everyday. Now as mentors, we need to encourage our non-member colleagues, such as those new to NDT or that have been in the profession for years but have not gotten around to joining us, to see the value and benfit that being a member will add to their career. So please do what you can to spread the word as we endeavour to grow our membership, and therby our strength, as a profession.

Benefits and Advantages of an ASNT Membership

Be part of the most dedicated NDT community with over 15,000 members worldwide. Be a positive force in the advancement of NDT. Learn, grow, and network through your affiliation with ASNT. We invite you to join: the ASNT community is not complete without you.

Why join ASNT?

As an individual member or corporate delegate, you're guaranteed to get:

Access to NDT knowledge...

As an ASNT member, you receive a complimentary subscription to our monthly journal, Materials Evaluation, and our quarterly newsletter, The NDT Technician.

A larger professional network...

When you join ASNT, you'll be in touch with thousands of NDT professionals across the globe. You'll also get affiliation with your local section, which holds meetings and workshops to give you the tools you need to succeed.

More money in your pocket...

These days, saving every dollar counts. ASNT members get exclusive discounts on books, training materials, and registration to all ASNT conferences, including our Annual Conference. You can be sure your ASNT membership will pay off.
There are a number of affordable options. View our membership types and pricing.

Want to get your company involved?

A corporate Group Membership ensures:
There are multiple Group Memberships available. Call ASNT Customer Service at 1-800-222-2768 to apply for Group Membership.
Tier 1
(2-5 Employees)
Tier 2
(6-10 Employees)
Tier 3
(11-20 Employees)
Tier 4
(More Than 20 Employees)

Investment in Your Employees...

Corporate partners receive delegate memberships for three employees of their choosing. Corporate delegates are entitled to all of the benefits of individual members, ensuring that your investment in their career means a better business in the long run.

Increased visibility & influence...

Your company will be listed monthly in Materials Evaluation and on our website. Corporate Partners can also take advantage of our special NDT Buyer's Guide printed annually in June and on our website, putting you in the forefront of where NDT professionals, suppliers, and consultants go to do business with the NDT industry. Log in to MyASNT to include your company.

Lower prices to meet your bottom line...

As a corporate partner, you'll receive exclusive discounts on the things your business needs most to stay competitive: NDT Handbooks, training materials, and booth space at all ASNT conferences, including our Annual Conference, which is attended by more than 1,000 professionals worldwide.
Wondering who is getting involved? See the list of ASNT corporate members! Corporate memberships are available now. Join today!
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