Help Instructions for Listening to Presentations with Audio:

  1. Unmute your computer and set to the desired volume.
  2. Click on the presentation to open, this may take 1-2 minutes to download. Example:
    April 7th Presentation by Michael Virgilio of Mayes Testing Terracon

  3. Set the presentation to slide-mode by clicking on the slide-mode icon on your computer tool bar. Slide mode icon: PowerPoint Slide mode button
  4. Click on the Volume icon on the bottom right hand corner of the presentation to start the presentation. Volume icon:
  5. The presentation should begin and automatically advance. You should be able to hear the speaker as he presents the presentation.

Audio button on Slide Show or Slide Sorter PowerPoint Audio Bar

Toolbar on PowerPoint show PowerPoint Show Tool Bar

(button descriptions l-r)
Previous slide-Next slide-Laser Pointer-Slide Sorter-Magnify/Zoom-More (end show or escape, Pause, etc.)

Toolbar in PowerPoint
PowerPoint Tool Bar

(button descriptions l-r)
Normal view-Slide Sorter view-Reader view-Slide Show view (or F5)-Zoom Slder & %-Fit Slide to current window

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