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Executive Committee - Board of Directors Nominees for 2021-2022 Program Year
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Complete this form to suggest nominations for the open positions on the Executive Committee and Directors.
Please write in names and select the “write in” radio button and click “Submit” when done.
NOTE: This is not a vote for the Board of Directors, the form for voting will be issued in early June 2021.

To accept the listed nominees Press Submit below or Select and Type in your write-in choice below: Please verify your write-in as willing to serve the term of office.
Normal progression of officers is for the Vice-Chair to become Chair, etc. This is often referred to as moving through the chairs.
Existing ASNT Member No. or transferring in ASNT Member No.
Chairperson: Open or write-in
Vice Chairperson: Open or write-in:
Secretary: Steve Brady of The Boeing Co. or write-in:
Treasurer: Trey Gordon of SpaceX or write-in:

Current two year directors who will become one year directors
One-year Director: James Sieger of Valence Surface Technologies, LLC or write-in:
One-year Director: Roy Goodall of Goodall Infrared Services,Inc. or write-in:
One-year Director: Flynn Spears of Alban NDE or write-in

Two-year Director: Emery E. Roberts of Blue Origin or write-in
Two-year Director: Chris Maraschky of The Boeing Company or write-in
Two-year Director: Open or write-in

Student Director: one-year term Open or write-in
Student Director: one-year term Open or write-in

COMMITTEES (serve at Chair's discretion)
President's Award committee chair: Kathy Ferguson
Radiation Safety Refresher Seminar chair: Emery E. Roberts
Awards Committee, Past Chairman: Kathy Ferguson
Scholarship committee: Megan Davey
Membership committee: Flynn Spears
Yearbook committee: Emery E. Roberts
Golf Committee chair: Open

Successful submission will be indicated by a "Thank you" page.